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SISARET LIVE at OC Pride 2012

Some pics from a very hot night at OC Pride 2012


Organize with us at OC Pride: August 11th,2012

SISARET Live at Clancy’s Pre-Pride show with The Lbians


“Are we going to Pride this year?” “I don’t know but we’re definitely going to see SISARET and The Lbians at Clancy’s on Friday the 18th!”

Long Beach Pride Weekend

803 E. Broadway

Long Beach Ca


Organize Campaign and Single Release

This is an open call to action, to never miss an opportunity to show patience, further compassion, give love, offer forgiveness, earn respect, and to apply reason. To take one breath after the other, one step to the next in time. To take ideals beyond your dreams and feelings and to apply them to your reality. The greedy, the cruel, and the small minded have been in charge for far too long. Let them no longer mistake kindness for weakness. Organize your thoughts into actions, in the smallest of ways. You don’t have to walk off the production line to change the world. You don’t have to sacrifice the crusts of bread they’ve allowed you. Just stand up for freedom of thought, freedom to love and for those who cannot stand on their own.


This is not an attempt to promote any one channel of charity or activism. We are not funded or underwritten by a global charitable organization. In fact we are simply 4 individuals who make music for the enjoyment of our fans. Along the way we’ve been reminded, time and again how fortunate we are to possess the freedom to follow our dreams. In turn, we are also reminded of the suffering, conflict, corruption and greed that permeate human existence at home and abroad.


“Organize” is more than a protest song. It is a campaign designed to encourage ground level social activism in individuals and promote positive interactions between all beings on earth. We believe every act of giving, every gesture of kindness makes the world a better place. It could be as simple as opening a door for someone, adopting a stray animal, or helping a friend in need. “Organize” is all about mundane and singular gestures of love perpetrated by individuals on their own terms, multiplied by millions.


Share on our Facebook page or an example of a time you Organized the voice of your heart into actions to better of our world and we’ll give you an advance copy of the the new track… “ORGANIZE”

SISARET Live at Max Steiner’s April 28th!

Don’t miss us at Max Steiner’s on the 28th of April!

2500 E. Anaheim St. Long Beach CA 90804

No Cover!

SISARET Live April 11th at Proof Bar Santa Ana

Check us out at Proof Bar in Downtown Santa Ana!

SISARET “Featured Artists” at Rock-N-Runway 2012


All proceeds from Rock-n-Runway benefit OC Red Cross  programs and fund scholarships to support Orange County youth interested in attending summer leadership camp.

 Through the scholarships funded by Rock-N-Runway, OC Red Cross is able to extend opportunities to youth all over Orange County to attend camp, regardless of their financial means. The youth who receive scholarships have the chance to realize their boundless potential, enhance their leadership skills, and be inspired to take on new roles within their community.

Like to donate to Red Cross?