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  1. vicky says:

    like the voice and the music. well done. keep going the good work. from Greece with love

  2. angie says:

    Love this!! U guys r freakin’ amazing!! Live show ROCKED!!! Can’t wait 2 c u agan! May 5th BABY!!! YEA!!

  3. BbyRuthless says:

    LOVE LOVE the song! can’t wait ti hear more!

  4. Meesh Orozco says:

    I love you Brandi <3 I know you love me back 😉

  5. AnCatDubh says:

    I love you Brandi! I know you love me back 😉

  6. PMG says:

    LOVE the single…I think I will see you on Gringo de Drinko :)

  7. Kristy Kirkland says:

    Hey Jeff!! your dad just emailed me and told me to check you guys out!! You sound awesome!!! How’s life? All good over here in the Nevada desert! I can’t believe how much Rowan looks like you!! xo

  8. Redd says:

    Thank You for the Street Spirit love!! You pals are amazing and I cant wait to share the stage with you again! <3

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